Gaining an achievement by cosmic caterpillar-d7uyv5z

The player's Achievements are found on the Stats & Achievements tab, located under the User tab (direct link).


The Stats & Achievements tab.

The right column of this page shows various badges that the player has earned. The available badges are shown below.

Gaining the Beast Master achievement results in the player unlocking the Orb of Rebirth, regardless of their level at the time.

Available BadgesEditar

Badge Name Description Still Available? Stackable?
Contributor Has contributed to HabitRPG (code, design, pixel art, legal advice, docs, etc.). Want this badge? Check out Contributing to HabitRPG. (See Incorporated Contributions.) Yes No
Kickstarter Backer Backed the Kickstarter Project. No No
NPC Was a backer at the highest Kickstarter tier. No No
Veteran User Has weathered Habit The Grey (our pre-Angular website), and has gained many battle-scars from its bugs. [See also Veteran Wolf.] No No
Original User

One of the very original early adopters. Talk about alpha tester!

No No
X Streak Achievement(s) Has performed x 21-day streaks on Dailies [consecutive scheduled dates on any Daily]. Each achievement buffs item drop chance bonus subtotal by 5%. Yes Yes

Ultimate Gear




Has upgraded to the maximum weapon and armor set for the following classes. [The top badge is earned when the Ultimate Gear achievement is earned for the first time, and is not class specific. This unlocks the Enchanted Armoire. The bottom four are earned based on class; you can get all of them by rebirth or changing classes. If you have already bought the gear, this Achievement is awarded immediately.] Yes No

Beast Master

Has found all 90 original pets x times (insanely difficult, give this user props!) [Only counts Generation One original pets. Unlocks Orb of Rebirth and Key to the Kennels.] Yes Yes1

Mount Master

Has found all 90 original mounts x times (even more difficult, give this user props!) [Only counts Generation One original mounts.] Yes Yes1

Triad Bingo

Has found all 90 pets, all 90 mounts, and found all 90 pets AGAIN x times (HOW DID YOU DO THAT!) Yes Yes1
Helped Habit Grow Helped HabitRPG grow by filling out a survey. No Yes
Challenge Winner Was the winner in the following challenges. [Each challenge you win is listed here as a separate bullet point.] Yes No
Annoying Friends Got Snowballed x times by party members. During Winter Wonderland Yes
Completed the following quests [Every quest you complete is listed here as a separate entry.] Yes Yes
X Perfect Day(s) Has performed x perfect days. With this achievement you get a +level/2 buff to all stats for the next day. Yes Yes
Began a/X New Adventure(s) Used an Orb of Rebirth to start over after attaining a certain level. Each achievement buffs item drop chance bonus subtotal by 5%. Yes Yes
HabitRPG Birthday Bash Participated in the HabitRPG Birthday Bash During Birthday Bash Yes
Adoring Friends Aww, you and your friend must really care about each other! Sent or received x Valentine's Day cards. During Valentine's Day Yes
Savior of Dilatory Helped defeat the Dread Drag'on of Dilatory during the 2014 Summer Splash Event! No No
Alarming Friends Got spooked x times by party members During Fall Festival Yes
Auld Acquaintance Happy New Year! Sent or received x New Year's cards. During Winter Wonderland Yes
Savior of Stoikalm Helped defeat the Abominable Stressbeast during the 2015 Winter Wonderland Event! No No
Agricultural Friends Got transformed into a flower x times by party members. During Spring Fling Yes

1After the first Beast Master, Mount Master, and/or Triad Bingo achievements are earned, use Key to the Kennels to release the pets and/or mounts. Collect and/or raise them again, but this will not earn the badge yet. The pets and/or mounts need to released again to earn and stack the badges.

Viewing Other Players' AchievementsEditar

Achievements Other Player

You can view the achievements earned by another player on their profile, by clicking on the player's name in chats or their avatar if they are in your party.


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