Background forest

A forest background.


default background

Backgrounds are optional scenery that can be placed behind player avatars. They have no in-game effect and exist only for aesthetic value. The default background is a featureless slate color.

Purchasing BackgroundsEditar

Three backgrounds are released each month and can be purchased with gems. An individual background costs 7 gems and the entire monthly set of three backgrounds can be purchased together for 15 gems. If you purchase an individual background, the 7 gems cannot be applied later toward the entire set. The only free background is the default slate color.

Backgrounds can be purchased and used on the backgrounds sub-tab under the User tab (direct link). Those that are available for purchase will have a grey border with a white lock in the corner. Buying them will remove the border so you can easily see which backgrounds you have purchased and can use.

Using BackgroundsEditar


Accessing the Backgrounds sub-tab.

To change your current background, click on the one you want to use. If you do not currently own the background, you will be prompted to purchase it.

To return to the default background, click again on the picture of your current background.

Tiling BackgroundsEditar

Some of the backgrounds will "tile" meaning that if two adjacent party members are using the same background, the touching edges of the backgrounds will match. The tiling backgrounds are:

Background tiling Mountain Lake

Mountain Lake

Background tiling Pagodas


Background tiling Rolling Hills

Rolling Hills

Background tiling Winter Twinkly Lights

Winter Twinkly Lights

Background tiling Harvest Feast

Harvest Feast

Available BackgroundsEditar

The available backgrounds with their release dates, titles, artists, and descriptions are shown below.

June 2015 Drifting Raft
Background drifting raft

Paddle a Drifting Raft.

by Teto is Great

Shimmery Bubbles
Background shimmery bubbles

Float through a sea of Shimmery Bubbles.

by beffymaroo

Island Waterfalls
Background island waterfalls

Picnic near Island Waterfalls.

by UncommonCriminal

May 2015 Marble Temple
Background marble temple

Pose in front of a Marble Temple

by Painter deCluster

Mountain Lake

Dip your toes in a Mountain Lake

by hazel

Background pagodas

Climb to the top of Pagodas

by Teto is Great



Cherry Trees

Admire the Cherry Trees in blossom.

by kmcallah

Flowering Meadow

Picnic in a Flowering Meadow.

by Rattify

Gumdrop Land

Nibble the scenery of Gumdrop Land.

by Painter deCluster

March 2015 Spring Rain
Background spring rain

Dance in the Spring Rain.

by Sunstroke

Stained Glass
Background stained glass

Admire some Stained Glass.

by Kiwibot

Rolling Hills
Background rolling hills

Frolic through the Rolling Hills.

by UncommonCriminal

Background blacksmithy

Labor in the Blacksmithy.

by Twitching

Crystal Cave
Background crystal cave

Explore a Crystal Cave.

by Holseties

Distant Castle
Background distant castle

Defend a Distant Castle.

by Bambin

Ice Cave
Background ice cave

Descend into an Ice Cave.

by Rattify

Frigid Peak
Background frigid peak

Summit a Frigid Peak.

by Kiwibot

Snowy Pines
Background snowy pines

Shelter amid Snowy Pines.

by Sunstroke

Background iceberg

Drift upon an Iceberg.

by Holseties

Winter Twinkly Lights
Background winterlights

Stroll between trees bedecked in festive lights.

by RosieSully

South Pole
Background southpole

Visit the icy South Pole.

by McCoyly

Starry Skies
Background starry skies

Gaze at the Starry Skies.

by Draayder

Sunset Meadow
Background sunset meadow

Admire a Sunset Meadow.

by Holseties

Harvest Feast
Background harvest feast

Enjoy a Harvest Feast.

by Kiwibot

Background Graveyard

Visit a Creepy Graveyard.

by Kiwibot

Haunted House
Background HauntedHouse

Sneak through a Haunted House.

by Sooz

Pumpkin Patch
Background PumpkinPatch

Carve jack-o-lanterns in a Pumpkin Patch.

by cecilyperez


Conduct lighting in a Thunderstorm.

by UncommonCriminal

Autumn Forest
Autumn Forest

Stroll through an Autumn Forest.

by krajzega

Harvest Fields
Harvest Fields

Cultivate your Harvest Fields.

by UncommonCriminal

Background volcano

Heat up inside a Volcano.

by Draayder

Background clouds

Soar through the Clouds.

by Kiwibot

Dusty Canyon
Background dusty canyon

Wander through a Dusty Canyon.

by Kiwibot

Open Waters
Background open waters

Enjoy the open waters.

by Breadstrings

Coral Reef
Background coral reef

Swim in a coral reef.

by Draayder

Seafarer Ship
Background seafarer ship

Sail aboard a Seafarer Ship.

by bastukaman

Background beach

Lounge upon a warm beach.

by artemie

Fairy Ring
Background fairy ring

Dance in a fairy ring.

by Draayder

Background forest

Stroll through a summer forest.

by Inventrix


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