Enchanted Armoire Reward

The Enchanted Armoire button in the Rewards section

The Enchanted Armoire is a Reward that becomes available to players after they receive an Ultimate Gear achievement. It costs 100 GP.
Special Equipment Avatars

Examples of avatars with Special Equipment items from the Enchanted Armoire, June 2015

Each time a player clicks on the Enchanted Armoire, they will randomly receive one of the following:

  • a random piece of Equipment, from special sets that are released for this purpose (60% chance of receiving this)
  • a piece of food (20% chance)
  • experience that varies randomly from 14 to 50 XP (20% chance)

Each month, a limited number of new equipment pieces are added. Equipment from previous months remains in the Enchanted Armoire indefinitely until you have received it.

As with all equipment, once you own an Armoire item, if you lose it through Death or Rebirth, you can buy it back with gold from the Rewards column, with each piece costing 100 GP. Armoire items that have been lost also go back into the Enchanted Armoire and can be obtained randomly by use of the Armoire.

None of the items are class-specific: they do not give class bonuses and if you lose them, you can buy them no matter what your class is.

Enchanted Armoire Last Equipment Piece
Once you have received all the equipment currently in the Enchanted Armoire, a popup will be displayed to notify you that you can continue clicking for XP and food. There is a 50% chance of receiving food. Each food type has an equal chance of being given.

The Enchanted Armoire remains available after you have used the Orb of Rebirth, without needing to be unlocked again.

Some of the Enchanted Armoire are part of a set. As of June 2015, there are two sets of Enchanted Armoire: the Soothing Lunar Set & the Gladiator Set. When wearing all three of the Gladiator Set, the stats gained from equipment would be +12 STR, +7 INT, +5 CON, and +14 PER. All three items of the Soothing Lunar Set yield +7 STR, +14 INT, +14 CON, +7 PER. There are also independent items, such as the Red Hair Bow.

June 2015

Show/Hide the June 2015 Equipment
Name Art
Red Hair Bow (STR +5, CON +5, INT +5)
Head armoire redHairbow
Rancher Hat (STR +5, PER +5, INT +5)
Head armoire rancherHat
Violet Floppy Hat (PER +5, INT +5, CON +5)
Head armoire violetFloppyHat
Basic Crossbow (STR +5, PER +5, CON +5)
Weapon armoire basicCrossbow
Gladiator Helm (INT +7, PER +7)
Head armoire gladiatorHelm
Gladiator Armor (PER +7, STR +7)
Broad armor armoire gladiatorArmor
Gladiator Shield (CON +5, STR +5)
Shield armoire gladiatorShield
Soothing Lunar Crown (CON +7, PER +7)
Head armoire lunarCrown
Soothing Lunar Robes (STR +7, INT +7)
Broad armor armoire lunarArmor
Soothing Lunar Sceptre (CON +7, INT +7)
Weapon armoire lunarSceptre