Rogue Skills

A Rogue's Rewards column with all class skills unlocked.

As part of the Class System, players with available Mana Points are able to use Skills on their Tasks, themselves, and their party members. Skills are temporary advantages, such as boosts to the player's or party members' stats. Players learn their first skill at level 11, and learn one per level until level 14.

Using SkillsEditar


As the player hovers over a task when using a task-targeting skill, the task will have a green outline and their cursor will have a plus sign next to it.

Each class has certain special skills, which appear in the bottom of the Rewards column. Each skill has a target which can be either a task (Daily, Habit, or To-Do), yourself, or your whole party.

Task SkillsEditar

For skills which target a task, click on the skill and then click on a task. The skill's effect will be applied immediately and you will get a confirmation that mana has been deducted and that the skill has been applied to the task. You do not need to check off the task at the same time.

You can apply a skill to a task more than once. This is called stacking. Each cast of the skill has approximately the same effect.

Changing Your MindEditar

If you change your mind about using a task skill, reload the HabitRPG web page or hit the Escape key to cancel the skill use. This works only before you've clicked on the target of the skill. There is no way to undo a skill after it has been fully cast, but if you used it by accident, you can refund your mana using Fix Character Values under Settings > Site (direct link). 

Player SkillsEditar

For skills which target yourself, click on the skill. Its effect will be applied immediately. If the skill is a buff, it will last until your next Cron and your avatar will have a small up-arrow icon next to your level.

Party SkillsEditar

Party Chat Screen

A party chat showing that a player has recently cast Blessing, a party skill

For skills which target your party, click on the skill. Its effect will be applied immediately to each of the players targeted. You can click the "Fetch Recent Messages" button in your party's chat to see the skill you have just cast, displayed in pink lettering.

If the skill is a buff, the effect will last until each player's own Cron. An avatar with a buff active will have a small up-arrow icon next to their level.

Productivity Benefits Editar

Players can use skills to help motivate themselves when they are struggling with difficult tasks or to reduce damage taken rather than having to restore health with a potion. For example:

  • During illness, Warriors might take a Defensive Stance, rather than resting in the Inn to reduce but not remove health loss. 
  • When faced with a major new task, such as a project for work or a major household repair, Mages might award themselves more experience by using Burst of Flames upon the task. This also moves them closer to leveling up, reducing the chance that they'll die from other Dailies they had less time to accomplish.
  • When faced with a disagreeable or taxing task, such as an unusually high pile of dishes after a party, Rogues might Pickpocket that task for a motivating gold boost.

Party BenefitsEditar

Players who have formed parties can use their special abilities to help each other. Depending on their class, party members can defend each other from damage from neglected Dailies or bad Habits, and encourage each other with increased experience gain, gold, or drops.

Available Skills Editar

This is a simplified overview of the available skills for each class. Please visit Warrior, Rogue, Healer, and Mage for more in-depth descriptions of the skills.

Class Skill name Skill cost Target Level Effect
Healer Healing Light 15 MP Player 11 You gain a boost to your health
Healer Searing Brightness 15 MP Player 12 Your tasks become more blue/less red
Healer Protective Aura 30 MP Party 13 Party gains a buff to CON
Healer Blessing 25 MP Party 14 Your whole party regains health.
Mage Burst of Flames 10 MP Task 11 You gain XP and deal extra damage to bosses.
Mage Ethereal Surge 30 MP Party 12 The rest of your party gains MP
Mage Earthquake 35 MP Party 13 Party gains a buff to INT
Mage Chilling Frost 40 MP Player 14 Uncompleted Dailies' streaks won't reset to zero after Cron
Rogue Pickpocket 10 MP Task 11 You gain gold
Rogue Backstab 15 MP Task 12 You gain gold and XP.
Rogue Tools of the Trade 25 MP Party 13 Party gains a buff to PER
Rogue Stealth 45 MP Player 14 Some unticked Dailies are ignored by Cron
Warrior Brutal Smash 10 MP Task 11 You damage a boss, task becomes more blue / less red
Warrior Defensive Stance 25 MP Player 12 You gain a buff to CON
Warrior Valorous Presence 20 MP Party 13 Party gains a buff to STR
Warrior Intimidating Gaze 15 MP Party 14 Party gains a buff to CON

Information for Developers

This section contains information of interest to HabitRPG developers. It is not of use for normal gameplay or task management.
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Definitions for all skills:
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Notifications for MP subtraction:
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This code watches the user's MP stat and displays a notification whenever it sees the stat change.


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